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This Big Green Egg Competitor Is $400 Off Today

Need a new grill? Now's the time to strike.

With their oval shape and ceramic exterior, Kamado grills resemble ceremonial burial urns. But the charcoal cookers, which are based on Chinese earthenware ovens, are worshipped by a different set these day: backyard barbecuers. There’s a good reason for this. They’re excellent at maintaining consistent temperatures for long periods of time, require very little fiddling to get started, and can both smoke and sear well. While the Big Green Egg is the most well-known version stateside, there are several well-reviewed versions. Like the KamadoJoe Classic Joe, which is on sale today for $400 less than normal.

The KamadoJoe Classic Joe is 18-inches wide and has 256 square inches of grilling surface. You can also use a grill expander and an additional set of grates for a maximum of 660 square inches. Its capable of maintaining temperatures as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. But, as with any good Kamado grill, you can adjust the vents and cool things down to as low as 225. A built in thermometer makes those adjustments easier.

Other niceties: There’s an air lift hinge to counterbalance the heavy lid, making it feel lighter and preventing you from smashing your fingers when grilling as well as an ash drawer that slides out for easy emptying. There’s also a fiberglass gasket keeps the seal airtight.

So, is this the grill for you? What are we, soothsayers? But we can say that at $400 less than its standard price, it’s definitely one worth considering.

Buy Now $696