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Deal: Dyson’s Ball MultiFloor Vacuum Cleaner Is Only $150 Today

This is an unheard of discount on a Dyson vacuum.

One of the (many, many) strange things that happens when you become a parent: You find yourself lusting after home products the way you once did cars or video game systems. Humidifiers. Air Cleaners. Vacuums.  When it comes to the latter, one of the most saliva-inducing is Dyson, maker of brightly colored bag-less vacs and bladeless fans. They’re damn good at cleaning floors, but shit are they pricey.

Well, today Amazon has a rare (and ridiculous) sale on Dyson’s fantastic Ball Multi Floor Upright vacuum cleaner. Normally priced in the hundreds of dollars, you can score one today for $150. That’s some serious savings.

The Multi Floor Upright is one of Dyson’s flagship models and features the company’s smooth rolling “ball” technology that allows it to swivel seamlessly on a variety of surfaces. The corded vacuum cleaner has a high-capacity, easy-to-remove dust chamber and a HEPA filter that allows it to capture dust, pet dander, and other hard-to-trap allergens. It works on carpet and floors and has a brush head that’s brainy enough to recognize what surface you’re on and automatically adjust.

Now, the catch: this model is refurbished. Meaning someone else owned it, returned it, and it was fixed up to be nearly brand new. The Dyson here is completely certified and, per the fine print, shows “limited or no wear” and includes all original accessories as well as a 6-month Dyson limited warranty. But for $150? That’s worth the price. Besides, do you really need that new vacuum cleaner smell?

Buy Now $150

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