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Deal: This Cast Iron Dutch Oven Is 69 Percent Off Today.

Just in time for slow-roasting season.

Fall, the season of slow-roast is nearly upon us. As you bust out your recipes for pulled pork and five-alarm, competition-worthy chili, you may find yourself longing for a new Dutch oven, that sacred vessel that can be used for everything from sautéing to low-and-slow oven cooking that turns standard tailgating fare into the stuff of legend. Normally, a quality Dutch oven costs more than $200 but today you can score the seven-quart Cuisinart Casserole Cast Iron, an enamel-coated, cast iron version for just $70. That’s a pretty solid deal.

A good Dutch oven is the ideal cooking instrument for braises, bakes, casseroles, and, well, most every other type of cool-weather meal prep. It’s thick enough to both conduct and retain heat, while able to fit, say, a hunk of pork shoulder or a pot of chili ingredients large enough to feed a crowd. A large, tight-fitting lid is helpful, too. Enamel-coated cast iron is the ideal marriage of materials, as it ticks off all of the above while adding durability.

Cuisinart’s seven-quart model weighs 19 pounds and includes a lifetime warranty. It has a porcelain-enamel finish that looks great and doesn’t chip. Treated well, it’ll cook a lifetimes worth of Sunday suppers before crapping out. Normally $250, you can score it today for $70.

Buy Now $70