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The Alpha Is An All-Terrain Shovel Designed To Destroy The Snow

No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you enjoy shoveling snow (“No, really, it’s great exercise!”), you can’t deny that clearing the driveway after a snowstorm is a royal pain in the arse. It’s why somebody invented a snow-blowing robot to do it for you. And it’s why the folks at DMOS are Kickstarting “the most badass shovel” ever: the Alpha snow shovel.

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Essentially, a bigger, badder version of their successful Stealth, the Alpha is a full-sized “all-terrain, multi-shovel tool for adventurers, handymen,” (and tough guys like yourself.) It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, has apparently been strength tested to 3,880 pounds, and rocks a telescoping shaft that expands from 18 inches to almost 5 feet. The snow shovel comes in either a decorative “camo” or “native’ pattern and offers a choice of handles: a D-grip for a sturdier hold or a T-grip for easier packing. Roll with the T-grip, and you’ll be rewarded with a hidden retractable saw that stores inside the shaft and can be easily drawn on anybody who tries to steal your snow mover.

As for the snow shovel’s blade (not the saw’s), it measures 25-inches wide by 12-inches deep, is clear coated to keep the snow from sticking, and boasts a Jaws-like set of serrated teeth to cut/break up ice and hard snow. It can also rake or chop brush. Built-in strap slots let you tie it your Mission Critical Baby Carrier (or backpack), while gliders on the bottom protect your deck/brick walk from scrapes. Both the shaft and blade are interchangeable with the parts from your smaller Stealth Shovel.

alpha snow shovel

While DMOS is absolutely “crushing” their Kickstarter (as they would say, since they’re from Jackson Hole), the snow shovels won’t start shipping until June. Don’t let the obvious irony of that let that stop you from pre-ordering, and then convincing yourself that you totally love waiting 6 months for cool stuff you need today

Buy Now $109