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All the Dangerous Baby Products & Toys Recalled in September and October

Clothing, playground equipment, and infant carriers are among the products recently recalled.

On average, more than 100 kids toys and baby products are recalled each year due to defect. And even though most recalls are voluntary, companies are rarely inclined to shout their foibles from the mountaintop. As a result, few parents ever hear about them. In fact, only 30 percent of recalled products ever make their way back to the manufacturer. Instead, they are handed down to other new parents, find their way into consignment shops, or end up on Goodwill shelves where they can potentially harm other children.

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Fortunately, there are multiple government agencies ⏤ most importantly the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has jurisdiction over more than 15,000 kinds of consumer products ⏤ and watchdog groups like  and Safe Kids Worldwide who keep tabs on it all. In fact, six federal agencies have joined together to create, an online hub where they “alert the American people to unsafe, hazardous or defective products.”

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We also like to keep you updated on the latest defective toys, baby and parenting gear, and kid products, so that you don’t have to spend your day scouring government websites. We include the product, the defect, and the course of action you should take if you own the product. Although in all cases, the first action is always to get the dangerous toy away from your child. That said, here are all of last month’s recalls.

Note: If you have a problem with a dangerous product or a product-related injury, you should report it to or call CPSC’s Hotline at 800-638-2772.

Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats

Hazard: Bath seat can tip over or an infant can slip underneath the front support, posing a drowning hazard.
Number Recalled: 80
Recall Date: October 18, 2018
Action to Take: Stop using immediately and contact Abond Group for a refund
Contact:, 800-886-7947
Thankfully, fewer than 100 of these baby bath seats were sold in the U.S., all at Bealls Outlets nationwide and La Bebe Boutique in Midland, Texas. If you have one, double-check the underside of the mat for the date codes 1251-0916-enj-nacn or 1434-0617-enj-nacn. If you find either, contact the company for a full refund.
Full Recall Details

Eddie Bauer Fabric Infant Carriers

Hazard: Buckle can break, posing a fall hazard to children
Number Recalled: About 22,000
Recall Date: October 16, 2018
Action to Take: Immediately stop using the recalled carriers and contact Gold, Inc., to verify that their carrier is subject to this recall. Once verified, choose between replacements or a full refund.
Contact:,, 866-600-7205
These carriers were sold at Target between December of last year and August of this year and are branded with “Eddie Bauer” and “First Adventure” labels. So far, Gold Bug is aware of eight buckets that have broken, but no injuries.
Full Recall Details

BCI Burke Metal Playground Climbers

Hazard: A child’s head could become lodged been the two welded handgrip locations at the top of the climbers, posing a strangulation hazard.
Number Recalled: About 200
Recall Date: October 4, 2018
Action to Take: Immediately remove the climbers from use and contact BCI for a free repair kit.
Contact: , 800-356-2070
These metal climbers are attached to the side of playgrounds, allowing kids to clamber up to higher play areas. They come in many different color combinations, all of which have “Burke” printed on identification labels on the side of the play structure. They were sold primarily to schools, parks, and homeowners associations between November of 2015 and March of 2018.
Full Recall Details

Boy Story Mason & Billy Action Dolls

Hazard: The joints on the vinyl dolls can break and create broken pieces that young children can choke on.
Number Recalled: About 8,500
Recall Date: September 28, 2018
Action to Take: Immediately take the dolls away from children and contact Boy Story LLC for a full refund
Contact:, 240-670-0221
Included in this recall are four different styles of dolls: Mason and Billy Action Dolls and the Mason and Billy HeForShe Special Edition Action Dolls. They’re all 18-inch tall and vinyl, and they all have “Boy Story LLC” stamped on the left foot.
Full Recall Details

Boy Scouts of America Neckerchief Slides

Hazard: The colored enamel contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban.
Number Recalled: About 110,000
Recall Date: September 26, 2018
Action to Take: Immediately return to any Boy Scouts of America retail store or distributor for a free replacement, including shipping
Contact: ,, 800-323-0736
The affected slides were sold in four different styles: red wolf, green bear, orange lion, and blue Webelos. One of the numbers 200228276, 20023175, 200233281, and 200236630 are printed on a label attached to the back. No injuries have been reported, but lead can cause adverse health issues and is toxic if ingested by young children.
Full Recall Details

ED by Ellen DeGeneres Coveralls

Hazard: The bunny appliqué can detach and become a choking hazard.
Number Recalled: About 2,500
Recall Date: September 20, 2018
Action to Take: Immediately stop using the coveralls and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund
Contact: , 888-854-6563
This recall affects styles ED01210 and ED13210, both of which contain the manufacture date code of 08/2017, and both of which were sold at Buy Buy Baby and Marshalls stores and online. There has been one report from Canada of the appliqué coming off and a child putting it in her mouth, but thankfully it was removed before any choking occurred.
Full Recall Details