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Albert Is A Digital Wall Clock That Teaches Kids Math Skills

As beneficial as putting your kid in ‘time out’ may be, you have to admit that they don’t learn a whole lot just sitting there staring at a blank wall. But what if they spent that solitary time learning math as they counted down the minutes until their release? With this digital wall clock that makes you calculate the time, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Okay, so obviously the Albert Clock is more than just educational entertainment for misbehaving kids. But it is a digital wall clock that turns math into a game for them, and a brain exercise for you. The concept is simple: To tell the time, you have to calculate 2 math equations ⏤ one for the hour, one for minutes. So if the clock displays “9 / 3 + 5 hours, 32 + 9 minutes”, you know that it’s 8:41. Also, that you’re late for work.

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The Albert Clock’s simple mathematical calculations are limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division ⏤ thankfully, no square roots or solving for x ⏤ and you can set the level of difficulty (from 1 to 4) as your young mathematician gets smarter. You can also adjust the frequency of the random calculations, so they change as quickly as every 10 seconds (one math problem per minute is the default).

The Albert Clock comes in one of 3 colors (red, grey, and black) and includes a detachable wall mount, although it’s perfectly content sitting on a table or desk too. The wall clock also has 12h and 24h settings, brightness controls, and rocks an easy-to-set sleep mode, so your kid’s not doing math all night long.

Honestly, the biggest problem with the wall clock appears to be ⏤ other than that it makes telling time more difficult ⏤ the price tag: $575 + 29 / 2 … or $302. So that’s pretty steep for a kid’s clock. Then again, whether it’s worth it probably depends on how often you have to keep putting your kid in ‘time out.’

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