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This is a Great Leave-In Meat Thermometer

Get ready for perfect summer steaks.

The Meater is a wireless, leave-in, smartphone-controlled, rechargeable meat thermometer that measures both internal and ambient temperatures. It’s dead simple to use, and somehow retails for less than $70.

Like any good smart kitchen appliance, the Meater is set it and forget it. Start your cook, set your target temperature, and walk away. The Meater has a 24-hour battery, and recharges using the magnetic-backed, wood charging case. It would be great if the case was itself rechargeable, but getting up to 100 charges out of a single AAA is hard to complain about.

Whether you use it on the grill, with a dutch oven, or in a toaster oven, Meater adds welcome precision and piece of mind to almost any meal you’re preparing, and its price tag makes it an excellent gift or stocking stuffer that punches well above its MSRP.

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