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4 Ways For New Dads To Make Amazing Birth Announcements

If you were to graph other people’s enthusiasm for your baby from birth to 12 months, it would look like the Dow Jones industrial average on September 29, 2008. Which is to say you’ve got an interest bubble. So you better capitalize on the excitement with birth announcements. Because soon enough, your friends will be complaining about how everything in their social feed is about “babies,” and you’ll know exactly who they’re talking about.

Best assault their faces with a top-notch birth announcement while the face assaulting is good. Your kid isn’t getting any fresher. Here are 5 ways to make it happen, including birth announcement wording and birth announcement templates.

Enjoyable Birth Announcement E-Card

Enjoyable Birth Announcement E-Card -- birth announcement

If you’re a Lorax who speaks for the trees (or you just don’t want to go the way of Costanza’s wife) you can get your kid out there via email. E-card outlets like Paperless Post provide templates (often from big name design houses like kate spade new york) for birth announcements and you just plug in the picture.

Designs run the gamut from classy floral motifs to whimsical zoo animals. Many offer animations to make you announcement a tad more lively. But not Blake Lively. No one needs that.

And if you’re just dying to make it physical, there are print options too. But you’ll have to stand there and wave it around to approximate that dope GIF you included.

Welcoming Birth Announcement Website

Welcoming Birth Announcement Website -- birth announcement


If you want to go more Silicon Valley captain of industry than spam pirate, you can go ahead and build your kid a birth announcement web page. Sites like Squarespace and Wix offer the building blocks you need to pull together a flashy, functional site that introduces your kid to the world (but maybe don’t use actual flash).

Consider using photo carousels to tell your birth story, or offer visitors an online guestbook so the can conveniently send well wishes (like a comment section without all the mean Willy Wonka memes).

Bonus: go ahead and purchase your kid’s domain name now. Lord knows it will probably be required in the future because our culture is basically a digital garbage fire.

Crafty Birth Announcement Cards

Crafty Birth Announcement Cards


Turns out that people do still get a little excited to hang stuff on their fridge. So why not put your friend’s and family’s magnets to good use holding up a superbly crafted birth announcement?

True artisans like Etsy’s Echo Letterpress can hand print some handsome cards that put your kid firmly in the future-hipster category. Unless they rebel against their parents. In which case, good luck raising your little square.

Custom Birth Announcement Coolness

Custom Birth Announcement Coolness -- birth announcement

If you want a  bespoke experience, outfits like Tinyprints are more than happy to allow full customization of your birth announcement. Not only can you choose how luxurious you’d like your paper, you can get downright fussy with the envelope lining. And if that doesn’t prove to the world that your kid is #blessed right out of the womb, nothing will.