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This Stroller Charges Your Phone, Tracks Your Fitness, And Will Even Carry Your Kid

Since becoming a father, the amount of time you’ve spent researching and debating different strollers has probably rivaled any college thesis. They all have their pros and cons: This baby stroller is the size of an SUV, but can carry all of your stuff. This double stroller is light and foldable, but my kid keeps falling out. Now, another thing to consider: Does it have a built-in charger, LCD screen, and goddam taillights? No? Then you have the wrong stroller.

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4moms Moxi Stroller

The baby futurists at 4moms have put forth a stroller that you can think is overkill and enviable at the same time. The Moxi has built-in power so you never have to be without a charged phone (to entertain your kid) again. The current is generated from the stroller’s rear wheels and delivered to an adapter near the handlebars. While an on-board screen is like a FitBit for breeders, telling you things like time, temp, and the distance you’ve pushed your baby just to get them to close their goddam eyes for a minute. Does the baby stroller connect to an app to track all of this semi-important information? You know it does!

4moms Moxi Stroller

For the money you’ll shell out for a Moxi, you’re going to want it to last at least through their tenth birthday. It may not be that long, but the stroller does work from birth through 55 pounds, adjusting from its built-in bassinet to front and rear positions. It also features those other must-have details that make it preferable to carrying a baby around in your hands: Locking front wheels, adjustable handlebar, footbrake, and sunshade to prevent our closest star from irradiating your child. Just note that you’re going to have to sit on this info for another few months, because it’s available starting in October. Better put your jogging and umbrella strollers on Craigslist now.

Buy Now $700

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