2 Bizarre Alarm Clocks That Will Make Waking Up Less Painful

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Remember your alarm clock — that thing that used to wake you up before it was replaced by a screaming kid? Chances are, it wasn’t your preferred method of waking up (not that the screaming kid is any great shakes, either), which is why these companies are trying to reimagine the device that’s tasked with getting your ass out of bed in the morning.

For The Futurist

Wakē alarm clock

Wakē (as in, “eggs and bakey”) is a small box that mounts above your bed and uses an infrared sensor and a parametric speaker to locate you with a focused beam of gradually intensifying light and sound that wakes you up gently over the course of a minute or 2 (as opposed to a startling noise followed by a battle with the snooze button). The technology is so precise, Wakē claims your bedmate can set a different time and be undisturbed by your wakeup call. And because such things are top-line concerns for the 21st century alarm clock maker, the device doesn’t use cameras or any other privacy-invading technology. The project was a Kickstarter Staff Pick and has already exceeded its funding goal, but you can still pledge $249 to guarantee yourself one of the first Wakēs off the lot. Or you could go budget and give your kid a flashlight, a pot, and a spoon.

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For The Dreamcatcher

If you’re a GoPro junkie who records everything, why stop when you sleep? Shadow is an app that’s part alarm clock and part dream journal, which is designed to wake you when you’re most likely to remember your dreams and then prompt you to record the details. A better dream diary for you is novel, but Shadow’s real promise a massive dream database that can be analyzed in an effort to unlock the previously inaccessible creative power of our subconscious ideas. If that sounds awesome to you, definitely sign up for the release updates now. If that sounds creepy to you … that’s because it kinda is.

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