11 Things You Need To Start Running With Kids


If you’re a runner who’s trying to get back into it, post kid, or just a guy who’s been swearing he’ll take up running for years (even though you now have a kid and don’t take up anything), you’re going to need some gear, and so is your kid. Luckily, most of the gear is for you, since you’re the one doing all the work and the kid gets just about anything else you spend money on these days.

Nike LunarTempo Running Shoefatherly_nike_lunartempoFeaturing an ultralight Lunarlon midsole and flymesh uppers, this comfortable, durable, reasonably priced entry from the company that owns the sport of running is basically the only thing you need to … oh, wait … you need a few more things …
Nike LunarTempo Running Shoe ($100)

Burley Design Solstice Joggerfatherly_burley_solstice_joggerThe Solstice is the Land Rover of strollers. It’s rugged enough for the trails but stylish enough to turn heads on the street (or in the mall or at the grocery store). It’s already snagged 3 major design awards since launching just this year, so you can brag about your impeccable taste as well as your new PR.
Burley Design Solstice Jogger ($400)

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatchfatherly_fitbit_surgeNobody really wants to hear about how cool your Fitbit is, which is too bad because the Surge watch goes way beyond counting steps and calories to track your workouts and GPS data, monitor your sleep, and even show you text and call notifications. Then again, those will probably decrease in number if you keep blathering about how cool your Fitbit is.
Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch ($249)

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphonesfatherly_jaybird_bluebuds_headphonesThe last thing you need on a run is a bunch of wires swinging around in your face (which you really should relax, by the way. Maximize that efficiency!) BlueBuds offer a secure fit and amazing sound for both music and calls, and they last up to 8 hours so you can call your wife to come pick you guys up when that 20-miler doesn’t go quite as planned.
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreenfatherly_babyganics_sunscreenJust because sunscreen might be terrifyingly ineffective doesn’t mean your kid can endure your next morning 10K without lathering up. Thankfully, Babyganics meets Environmental Working Group’s standards for minimum health concerns and maximum UVA/UVB protection balance. In fact, better put some on yourself. Like they say, “Sun’s out runs out.” (They don’t say that.)
Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen ($16)

Camelbak Delaney Hydration Waistpackfatherly_camelbak_delaneyWhen it comes to running with a water bottle, you can either carry it in your hand, or strap it around your waist in one of those super stylish fanny packs. You’re already pushing a jogging stroller; so it looks like it’s a fanny pack for you.
Camelbak Delaney Hydration Waistpack ($40)

Lululemon Surge Shortfatherly_lululemon_surge_shortThese shorts thought of everything: reflective details, sweat-wicking fibers, a zippered pocket, a waistband loop to tuck your shirt when the sun is just too much, and a boxer-brief liner that “helps keep our jewels from jiggling even when we’re running stairs.” Seriously, that’s what it says on the label.
Lululemon Surge Short ($75)

Arc’teryx Accelero Capfatherly_arcteryx_acceleroThe Accelero by Arc’teryx is a versatile hat that will keep your face covered and your head cool while you’re running. What? You needed it to do something else?
Arc’teryx Accelero Cap ($29)

Babiatorsfatherly_babiatorsBabiators offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, are impact and shatter-resistant, and the company offers a total replacement guarantee whether they’re broken or lost. That comes in handy, since breaking and/or losing stuff is pretty much your kid’s only goal in life. Better yet, they give your kid that suave Baby Carlos look.
Babiators ($20)

Nike Tailwind 12 SunglassesYour kid gets cool sunglasses, why shouldn’t you? Whether you’re running in the park, by the beach, or in the snow, at sunrise or sunset, you need a pair of light, breathable shades to block UV rays, cut glare, and shield you from dirty looks as you cut off pedestrians with your jogging stroller.
Nike Tailwind 12 Sunglasses ($81)

Trigger Point Performance ‘The Grid’ Foam Rollerfatherly_trigger_point_grid_foam_rollerRecovery is important now that you’re an old man with a constant backache from carrying a kid around all day. With said kid spending all your money, you probably don’t have the cash for the weekly massage you so desperately need, but for 40 bucks you can inflict an equal measure of hurts-so-good treatment on yourself from the (dis)comfort of your living room floor.
Trigger Point Performance ‘The Grid’ Foam Roller ($40)

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