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With just 67 employees and no hourly workers, the internet of things product and software developer Very is among the smallest companies on this list — and yet it goes above and beyond by offering perks and benefits comparable with those at much larger corporations.


Both new moms and new dads at Very are eligible for the same amount of parental leave — a gender neutral policy designed explicitly to acknowledge and reinforce that gender shouldn’t dictate how much time a parent gets to spend with their new kid. Any new parent can take six weeks — half at full salary and half unpaid — of parental leave. But birth parents do get an extra seven weeks of leave, paid at 50 percent of their salary, prior to the unpaid period. Very also created a generous “Welcome Back Bonus” offered to returning moms, which equates to the amount of half-time pay forfeited during maternity leave. 


Benefits like prenatal and postnatal coaching have gradually become an expectation within any competitive benefits package. Very offers both, but also goes beyond that to provide insurance plans that allow for midwife and doula support — much less common in the workplace today — to new moms as well.


Finally, the fact that Very has operated with a fully-remote workforce for ten years now means that it’s a pro when it comes to providing employees with flexible benefits that take into consideration the challenges of working from home – these include telehealth, virtual fitness and wellness programs, and an annual $1000 stipend to spend on home offices.