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While its mission is connecting freelancers to people who need their services, San Francisco-based Upwork is also doing its part to improve full-time work. The parents among its 570 employees enjoy a slew of benefits that allow them to lead complete, fulfilling lives outside of work.


There’s the 12 weeks of paid parental leave and the ramp-up period for new parents returning to the office, of course, but Upwork also does more than most companies in helping its staff members become parents. It helps cover the cost of fertility treatments, surrogacy, family planning, and adoption expenses, making it easier for its employees to become parents. And once they have kids, benefits like subsidies for daycare and access to postnatal coaches make motherhood that much easier.


“At Upwork, we bring all elements of who we are to work, and motherhood is a large part of me that has always been elevated here,” one employee says. “The flexibility, culture, support from leadership, and benefits allow team members to harmonize work and family.”