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The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) first started as a financial service for teachers, and has since expanded to provide insurance and other support to academics, researchers, and various non-profits. As such, it has its pulse on the needs of working parents, and delivers to its own employees.


During the pandemic, TIAA established virtual programs that responded to the unique challenges parents were facing while work — and school — all started to happen at home. For instance, TIAA employees can access virtual or in-person babysitting and other household support through Sittercity as part of TIAA’s Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports program.


TIAA allows me to grow in my career and bring my whole self to work – as a minority woman and a parent. It is clear from the culture, benefits and work the company prioritizes and highlights that setting someone like me up for success is front and center. From flexible work arrangements to incredible benefits like parental leave, tutoring, teledoc and general wellness support for the entire family, TIAA is definitely a huge part of the ‘village’ helping me raise my boys.” – Mercedes S.


Sittercity also helps pair students with tutors, test preparatory services, and other academic resources. It’s not just parents that had to adjust to everything going remote, so TIAA stepped up to make sure its employees’ children were well-supported as well.


Not only does that cover scheduled babysitting, but TIAA also provides extensive backup childcare support — more so than most companies on this list — to make sure parents can get the help they need on short notice.


TIAA also provides resources catered to newer parents whose kids may not have started school yet. TIAA partnered with Milk Stork for times when a new mother absolutely needs to be away from home for work. The company covers 100 percent of the costs from pumping and either traveling with or shipping breast milk back home from anywhere in the world, making sure that work doesn’t ever interfere with a mother’s plan to continue breastfeeding her child.