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The silicon computer chip firm Synopsys’ recently expanded benefits provide new moms with comprehensive and caring support. You could say it’s equally good to be a mother or motherboard working at Synopsys. 


Synopsys offers its working moms the same perks and resources regardless of whether or not they actually gave birth to their kids. The company also boasts that 100 percent of the new moms who work there take advantage of the available 12 weeks of paid time off. That’s an important distinction, as many companies offer competitive amounts of leave but their cultures don’t allow new parents to actually take advantage of it. 


When I started my career at Synopsys, I was also starting to expand my family. When my sons were born, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a cute onesie that said “Future Synopsoid,” and a note of congratulations from our co-CEOs, Aart De Geus and Chi-foon Chan. I always felt fully supported by my managers when I needed to make those early doctor’s appointments and baby wellness appointments. Synopsys has a strong family culture and would host events where Synopsys could bring their children to work for picnics and spring and holiday events.” – Anna G.


Meanwhile, Synopsys gives new moms and moms-to-be benefits including payments toward fertility treatments, surrogacy costs, and adoption fees. Synopsys also offers ReThink, a platform geared for caregivers of children with neurological differences. Lastly, taking into consideration the financial aspects of parenting, Synopsys provides employees extensive educational resources through Bright Plan and student loan assistance through Fidelity.