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Salesforce’s benefits package is one of the best anywhere when it comes to the specific needs that working moms have while caring for their family.


It all starts with its industry-leading 26 weeks of paid time off for new parents. Given the company’s size and prominence, we hope this serves as a bellwether for other companies looking to improve workplace conditions for parents, in the tech sector and beyond. For backup care, Salesforce offers a generous reimbursement on expenses while providing access to Bright Horizons platform for finding caregivers. 


Salesforce provides a number of resources to new moms who are still expecting or figuring out how to once again balance work alongside parenthood. They offer breast milk shipping through Milk Stork to help moms while travelling (remember travel?) and coaching resources through providers like Cleo who match employees to global family health experts — including doulas, lactation consultants, career coaches, and more. 


When parents return to work, Salesforce’s Gradual Return Program allows them to work 4 days per week for the first 4 consecutive weeks for full pay. Combined, these benefits offer new and existing moms 360 degrees of support.