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The corporate tax services company Ryan counts some prominent companies among its list of clients. But the company takes care of its own first, with some of the most generous employers out there when it comes to job perks and benefits 


Ryan’s biggest selling point for working parents may be how much it values flexibility in the workplace. On top of the eight weeks of parental leave parents can take after introducing a new child into their family, Ryan gives unlimited paid time off to 80 percent of its roughly 1,900 US based employees — and the rest get a still-very-generous 22 to 27 days away from the office as needed.


“Ryan’s focus on results and personal accountability puts me in the driver’s seat to achieve success in many areas on my own schedule. Whether it be Cub Scouts, board hearings, meeting with my team, swim lessons, client calls, project work, or the occasional break to be ‘gone fishin,’ I am provided the freedom to invest my time and attention where it makes the most impact to my personal and professional success each day.” – Kelly O.


When they are at work, working parents can use the myRyan program to set their hours and weekly schedules in a way that makes sense for them — allowing parents to actually be parents instead of having to tiptoe around job expectations while taking care of their kids.


Meanwhile, Ryan also offers up remote healthcare, like virtual mental health resources, access to a medical helpline that’s running 24/7, and other wellness programs like virtual fitness programs.