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Reddit, founded by outspoken parental leave advocate Alexis Ohanion, shines for providing some of the more generous and accommodating childcare benefits to the parents on its 830-person staff.


The company offers a Day Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that gives any employees with a dependent $5,000 as an annual stipend for childcare, educational resources like tutors, and school supplies. Employees also have access to extra childcare benefits through Kinside.


Reddit also provides access to Cleo, a service employees can tap for prenatal and postnatal coaching, counseling, estate planning, and educational sessions like infant CPR. And if employees so choose, they can also expense midwife and doula support through their medical insurance.


More companies have been expanding the amount of paid parental leave time they offer to new parents — Reddit provides a very competitive 16 weeks — in recent years. But the company took things a step forward with one of the more inclusive leave programs so far by explicitly providing an 8.5-week “loss of pregnancy” leave for any employees who need it if they or their partners lose their pregnancy.


While many employers may be understanding and give employees time off in a similar situation, explicitly creating and spelling out the program in advance is important because now employees can get the support they need without having to approach management and explain the situation or ask for special accommodation in a way that could be needlessly uncomfortable or invasive.