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Rackspace Technology is a leader in managed cloud services, a market category that didn’t exist until about 15 years ago. As a young company in a nascent field, it should come as no surprise that Rackspace is also innovative in how it supports its 3,300 employees, particularly the parents on staff.


New moms receive a healthy ten weeks of pregnancy leave and six weeks of bonding leave, and those with older kids can use their 40 annual hours of volunteer time off to chip in at their kids’ school without chipping away at time off better saved for family vacations or sick days home from school. Rackspace also covers midwife services and offers access to coaches for soon-to-be and new moms.


“When I returned to work after my first child was born, Rackspace Technology had fully stocked ‘Mother’s Rooms’ that allowed for women who were pumping or just needed a rest to utilize at any time during the day,” one Racker raved about an all too uncommon perk of working at the company. “I felt extremely lucky to have been given these resources to make it easy for me to schedule pumping time into my workday schedule.”