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It is fitting that Progyny, a benefits provider that makes high-quality fertility treatments financially accessible to employees of many companies on this list, “walks the walk,” earning its place on this list.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Progyny provides the working parents on its staff with a wide variety of benefits and financial programs to help them start or expand their families — including covering the costs of surrogacy, adoption, fertility treatments, and other forms of family planning.


Progyny also provides resources to help employees through the big transitions of early parenthood ¬— both introducing a new kid into the family and, eventually, managing the return to work after taking leave. The company gives new parents and their partners prenatal and postnatal coaching that continues through the first year of their child’s life. 


On top of that, Progyny offers up access to therapists — both online through a covered telehealth platform and onsite. They’re there to help parents not only with their initial return to work but also with any other issues or reasons they might need support during that first year, as the company acknowledges that parents may not immediately be prepared or equipped to jump right back into the swing of things without a little extra help.