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Financial professionals, individuals, and institutional investors turn to PIMCO when they need help deciding where to invest their money. But the most important investments that the powers that be at the Newport Beach based asset management firm have made are those in their employees, specifically the ones that make it possible for moms to lead complete lives while working there.


PIMCO’s paid leave for moms is generous, at 20 total weeks, but it’s the fact that 100% of mothers take advantage of that leave that’s truly impressive. Parents-to-be also get virtual access to prenatal coaches, and insurance covers doulas and midwives who can be invaluable in creating successful birth experiences.


And when these new moms return to work, they’re greeted by generous benefits like postnatal coaching and breastmilk shipping along with a New Parent Support team that provides one-on-one peer mentoring from experienced parents at the company. Along with that 100% leave rate, it’s proof that the culture of the company, not just the benefits on paper, are decidedly pro-parent.