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Okta, a San Francisco-based cloud software and identity management company, offers a full suite of benefits on par with companies 2-3 times its size. This seems fitting, given how much the company has had to hire over the last several years. 


New moms, whether or not they’re the person giving birth, receive up to 18 paid weeks of parental leave to spend time bonding with and caring for their new children. That’s well above the average of companies on this listx, setting the bar high for any companies that want to stay competitive. They also provide a subsidy toward childcare and eldercare expenses, along with access to a concierge service to help employees find and take advantage of their caregiving options. 


On top of Okta’s gender-neutral parental leave policy, new parents can take advantage of the company’s Dynamic Work program. The program lets parents figure out their ideal working schedules and locations, even if that doesn’t end up being at one of Okta’s 14 offices. If they do continue to work from home, those parents can tap into childcare services, remote fitness classes and other wellbeing sessions, and other related perks.