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Nuance Communications, a tech company that develops AI chatbots and voice recognition algorithms, has stepped up to the plate for working moms, with a competitive benefits package and company culture to back it.


The company boasts that all of the new moms who work there take advantage of the 12 weeks of paid parental leave they’re offered. Leave is one thing, but the company also provides a wide variety of other perks to support new parents throughout the process of starting, growing, or taking care of their families.


“Blessed to have had 18 amazing weeks with my sweet Harrison (thanks Nuance!). I’m so excited to get back to the work that I love and setting new goals to achieve with Harrison and our little family in mind. Work is important to me. I want Harrison to know he can love work and love his family too…”


Nuance Communications provides its employees with both prenatal and postnatal coaching as part of its 24/7 nurses hotline, which they can also tap into for general health questions and concerns for themselves and their kids.


When it’s time to come back to work, Nuance offers a flexible transition schedule for the first month after parental leave so that employees can readjust to their schedules and the expectations of their jobs after taking the time away. And when they are away from their kids, Nuance makes sure that new moms can still take care of their kids through services like breast milk shipping — an increasingly common perk that shows companies acknowledge that parents will always have other important commitments that need taking care of even during working hours.