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The financial services app Nav Technologies, Inc helps pair small business owners with things like loans, credit cards, and can pull credit reports. With just 120 employees in the United States, Nav Technologies is considerably smaller than most of the companies on this list but still offers comparable benefits capable of helping push the industry forward.


Nav Technologies says that it has a large LGBTQ+ community within its workforce, so it doesn’t break down or divide parental benefits based on gender to make sure that parents get the perks they deserve regardless of their preferences or the structure of their families.


My top considerations as a mother and as an engineer are work-life balance, flexible work hours, and career development.  I want to crush my goals at work and still be able to go to an important soccer match when needed.  Nav was my top choice because they care for me as a person and in turn, I am able to deliver my best work without sacrifices.” Katie P.


But the benefits themselves are still very competitive. Because Nav Technologies had a large remote workforce even before the pandemic began, the company provides ways for employees to stay connected wherever they might be located, like through the women’s group and the parents group it established.


As far as the benefits themselves go, Nav Technologies provides extra support to help employees with family planning and also offers various forms of virtual healthcare. Those include telehealth coverage, a 24/7 helpline that connects employees to medical professionals, and a series of virtual mental healthcare programs that Nav hosted in the middle of the pandemic.