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MindPoint Group, a reputable cybersecurity consulting firm with a small-but-growing team, has just 151 employees — a fact that allows the company to offer a great deal of flexibility and personalized support to its workforce.


The company really stands out on this list because of its emphasis on taking a human-centric approach to company culture and centering its employees’ needs first and foremost. That holds up with the way MindPoint Group treats its working parents. The company boasts that 100 percent of the new moms on its payroll take advantage of the parental leave and other perks offered to them, which include prenatal and postnatal coaches, extra leave time, and other benefits — emblematic of a company culture in which employees actually feel comfortable and supported enough to step away when they need to.


Part of the work to build up such an accommodating company culture stems from asking and actually listening to what employees and especially working parents say they need. That’s why MindPoint Group has specific company groups set up to allow parents to share resources and tips with each other as well as to better communicate their needs to the company at large.