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Maven Clinic’s mission is to make real medical advice accessible and affordable for women. The company connects workers with ob-gyns, nutritionists, lactation consultants, and other specialists virtually, all at the fraction of the cost of a traditional visit. This same women-focused, forward-thinking vision extends to how the New York-based startup supports the moms on staff.


Maven helps aspiring moms on staff pay for prenatal coaches, doula support, fertility aid, surrogacy, and adoption costs — whatever they need to grow their families in whatever way they want to. And once they’re moms, Maven workers get a dozen weeks of paid parental leave, breastmilk shipping, postnatal coaches, and a host of other benefits designed to help them balance their lives as good employees and good parents.


“Maven’s benefits and policies for parents are fantastic,” one employee says, “but more than anything else, it’s the culture of support and flexibility that makes Maven a great place to work.”