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The financial services corporation and near-ubiquitous credit card provider Mastercard recently took stock of the benefits, programs, and other perks it offers employees and decided to ramp them up. The company improved its benefits and special perks on multiple occasions throughout 2020, especially when it came to how it treated new parents on its team and workers who were stuck at home. The result: Mastercard has become a sincerely inviting and supportive place for moms and dads to work. 


Mastercard recently launched the Inclusive Family Building Program to help employees financially as they start a family. Eligible employees are entitled to up to $20,000 to help cover any costs associated with adoption, fertility treatments, or the surrogacy process. That’s on top of the Mastercard Employee Assistance Fund — which isn’t exclusive to parents — that can provide grants for employees facing sudden economic hardships such as unexpected medical bills or the loss of a partner. All of those various funds and stipends put Mastercard well above the average amount of financial support companies will typically set aside for their employees, setting a new standard for other employers to compete against.


Once they have kids, new mothers can tap Mastercard for up to 20 days — per dependent — of backup childcare or eldercare through the company’s partnership with Bright Horizons. And through the Infant Transition Care Program, new moms can take up to an additional ten days to care for their newborns before they turn one year old.


Beyond that, employees in eligible areas also get free memberships to, a network that helps find babysitters or other domestic workers.