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ICF Consulting, management consultants with offices around the world, specializes in future-proofing organizations in the areas of healthcare and public health, transportation infrastructure, and the environment. The walk the walk with a parent-first culture that is supportive for moms and dads and alluring for would-be parents.


New moms can claim up to four weeks of paid parental leave, whether or not they’re the birth parent. Birth parents, however, get a little bit of a sweeter deal. They’re eligible for another six to eight weeks of paid short-term disability, the first five weeks of which still pay out 100 percent of their regular salary. 

On top of that, expecting or new moms can tap prenatal and postnatal coaches — all online — to help them navigate new parenthood and the challenges they’ll face along the way. And something must be working right, since ICF Consulting says that almost 100 percent of the new moms who work there have taken advantage of their time off and other perks, suggesting that the company fosters a culture where employees feel comfortable actually using their benefits and taking time away from work.