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The hotel giant Hilton, which now includes 18 different brands, gives its working moms a wide variety of perks to help them start and care for their new families, regardless of whether they work on-location, at a corporate office, or from home.


One of the only companies on our list to do so, Hilton created its own concierge service that serves as a point of contact and help line for any new or expecting parents as they plan, take, and return from their parental leave. The concierge also helps any new parents who permanently work from home access the company’s benefits, making sure that employees don’t get left behind just because they work remotely.


“With children, my spouse and other life events, Hilton provides me with a flexible work schedule enabling me to effectively manage my life while not being stressed about missing work. It is a company that cares about Team Members’ total wellbeing – including taking care of our mental wellbeing.” – Hilton Team Member


New moms enjoy 12 weeks of paid leave and, if they need to travel after that leave expires, can ship breast milk to their homes for free through Milk Stork. With backup care and plentiful PTO, Hilton provides moms at all stages with increased flexibility, a coveted perk regardless of what industry you’re in.


Hilton also partnered with Thrive Global and Stanford University to create unique virtual training programs for new working parents but especially for their managers, who may need pointers on how to best support their teams.