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Social media and tech research giant Facebook offers its 52,500 U.S. employees extremely competitive perks, especially when it comes time to start a family.


Facebook provides 16 weeks of paid bonding time to all of the new parents on its US-based staff, but new birth parents can also take an additional four extra weeks before their due date and up to six weeks afterward, during which they still get 100 percent of their salary. Facebook also provides working parents with a competitive amount of childcare support, including a $3,000 annual childcare subsidy, 10 days of backup care, and access to a referral concierge for everything from child, senior, and special needs care, as well as to pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping.


Facebook anticipates parents’ needs both at work and at home. The company provides on-demand “care sessions” that give parents need-to-know tips before they go on leave, created a number of internal groups so working parents can support each other, and even goes as far as providing breastfeeding and lactation workshops on top of more generalized prenatal care for employees who are expecting.


And while Facebook took great strides to encourage staff to work from home and support those who already do, it also provides resources like breast milk shipping to any moms who might find themselves away from home because of their jobs.