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The online auction house and retailer eBay has been a driving force in e-commerce for the last 26 years, becoming the place for everything from common goods to the rarest collectibles online. Included among their wares: A supportive and comprehensive work culture for parents.


When it comes to employee health, eBay has employees totally covered. eBay offers Progyny to help employees access services from a national network of fertility clinics, Heal to provide on-demand doctor visits or virtual consultations, and Grand Rounds for help finding high-quality doctors. 


eBay offers new moms 12 weeks of parental leave at full pay. And, unlike many companies with a more “use it or lose it approach,” eBay employees can use their leave all at once or break it up and divide it over the course of the next year as they see fit, because the company acknowledges that new parents may need unexpected time away from work down the road. Like other companies on the list, eBay offers access to Cleo to provide expert resources for postpartum wellness, lactation assistance, and newborn care.


For social support, the company’s “New Moms at eBay” and Parents groups give mothers a place to share tips, navigate the company’s benefits, and get recommendations for healthcare providers or childcare. According to eBay, “The spirit of community is strong, with people jumping in to help each other with everything from relocating families looking for childcare referrals, to recommendations for fun places to take kids on the weekend…” With generous leave, access to leading resources, and a strong community, eBay offers working moms an environment where they can thrive.