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The Deluxe Corporation provides small businesses with a wide range of financial and logistical services, from loans and checking to logo design and website development. The benefits it provides its employees is likewise broad in scope.


To start, Deluxe goes above and beyond when it comes to removing any financial barriers that might be in the way of its 5,300 employees’ family goals. The company says that it provides $20,000 to help cover fertility treatments, adoption-related costs, and any expenses from surrogacy — all independently of one another. Many of the competitive companies on this list provide some coverage, but to make so much money available for all three sets a new standard for workplace benefits.


Additionally, Deluxe recently partnered with WinFertility to make sure new parents have the support they need throughout any of those processes.


Deluxe also provides employees with a number of support systems. That means access to telehealth through the company’s medical plans, as well as childcare subsidies that cover ten days’ worth as well as backup childcare and eldercare as needed.


Because navigating parenthood alone can be confusing and overwhelming, Deluxe also set up employee resource groups — including one that’s specific to women and one that’s specific to parents — to make sure that employees have a dedicated place to share resources or tips.