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For years now, Deloitte’s roughly 65,000 U.S. employees have received highly competitive amounts of parental leave and other perks, making this global professional service company a particularly supportive place for mothers to work. That’s especially true for those looking to start a family.


Every parent introducing a new kid to the family who works at Deloitte, regardless of gender or whether they’re the birth parent, can take 16 weeks of paid parental leave. And when it is time to come back, Deloitte eases employees back to work with a transitional period to help them ramp their schedule back up to normal rather than expecting them to jump right back into their full schedules.


Aside from easing employees back into work, Deloitte actively worked to make parenthood as painless as possible through benefits like  a breast milk shipping service as well as both prenatal and postnatal coaching and care as needed.


For moms-to-be who are trying to conceive or planning to have kids down the road, Deloitte also provides reimbursements for egg freezing and infertility treatments. Deloitte plans to expand those payments to cover related elective procedures as well, taking into account that there’s a lot more to supporting employees than merely providing some time away from their desk.