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Citigroup, the fourth-largest bank in the United States and a household name, has parenting perks that matches its financial heft. 


Citigroup’s parental leave policies are gender neutral — any new parent can take up to eight weeks of paid time off to bond with their new kid. But Citi clarified that birth parents can also take some extra time off as needed. Beyond that, Citi helps cover fertility treatments, adoption fees, and any costs associated with surrogacy for both its full-time employees and any who put in at least 20 hours per week.


Additionally, Citi created and maintains a “Families Matter” group that provides resources, connection, and webinars for working parents across all family types.


Citi also provides childcare — on-site when safe and subsidized otherwise — for any parents who need someone to look after their kids while they work. Then there’s general telehealth resources, backup care, and virtual mental healthcare resources that both full-time and part-time employees can tap into as needed. Another nice touch: Citigroup offers a college coaching benefit to help parents and their children navigate the admissions process.