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The online car marketplace and search engine CarGurus provides working parents on its team with an impressively competitive benefits package given the company’s comparatively smaller size with just 760 employees.


For instance, the company provides new parents 19 weeks of paid leave to welcome a new child into the family, bond, and recuperate before coming back to work. That’s well above the average amount of time offered by the companies on this list and certainly higher than the industry at large — a positive sign for the future of compassionate and comprehensive parenting benefits at work.


CarGurus provides employees with access to, a service that helps users find babysitters, tutors and other caregivers. They can tap into that network for backup childcare and eldercare — an invaluable resource for when unexpected issues come up and parents need a hand looking after their kids or dependents.


With unlimited PTO, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive working parents affinity group, CarGurus proves that smaller companies can provide benefits on par with corporate giants.