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Alight Solutions, the Lincolnshire, Illinois-based human resources and financial services company, provides an impressive suite of benefits for new mothers on its staff, regardless of whether they’re working in the office or from home.


For starters the company provides eight weeks of paid parental leave — regardless of whether or not the employee is the birth parent. When the employee decides to return, Alight has a structured return-to-work transition period in place to make sure that parents can ease back into their regular schedules and take time to get reacclimated and caught up to speed on whatever changed during their leave.


Alight employees can get financial support for adoptions as well as prenatal and postnatal coaching — the company acknowledges that each person’s family may have a wildly different structure or origin story, and it provides benefits and perks for a variety of different scenarios or family needs. If issues do arise, Alight also gives employees access to backup childcare and eldercare.