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With just 67 employees and no hourly workers, the internet of things product and software developer Very is among the smallest companies on this list — and yet it still goes above and beyond by offering perks and benefits comparable with those at much larger corporations.


Very believes that new parents, regardless of their gender and family structure should all be able to play an equal role in raising and supporting their families — especially when employees have or adopt a new kid. As such, new moms and dads can all take the same amount of time — six weeks at full salary and another six unpaid — off from work.


The company clearly did something right with its parental leave policy, too. Very says that 100 percent of eligible fathers at the company felt comfortable taking leave, indicative of a healthy company culture in which employees actually feel comfortable taking advantage of their benefits.


Very is also particularly flexible when it comes to all of the last-minute surprises or emergencies that seem all-but-inevitable when taking care of a new kid. The company makes it very clear to parents that they should feel comfortable taking time off at the last minute for things like doctor’s appointments, sick kids, bereavement, and any other unexpected issues — no manager approval necessary whatsoever.