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The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) first started as a financial service for teachers, and has since expanded to provide support to academics, researchers, and various non-profits. When it comes to policies for new parents, let’s just say TIAA is a fast learner.


TIAA took extra steps to not only acknowledge that fathers play an active role in parenting and deserve equal benefits, but also created an employee support group to give new dads a place to share their experiences, resources, and find help as they need it. The company also worked to educate its staff about various forms of inclusive parenting —a particularly important aspect of creating a company culture where employees not only can access benefits but feel comfortable actually doing so.


The benefits themselves stand out even within the context of this list. TIAA repeatedly improved its benefits package throughout 2020, showing that it was willing and able to hear what its employees needed and respond accordingly. For instance, TIAA provided backup childcare reimbursement up to $60 per day for a total of 20 days at the start of 2020. Over the course of the last year, those numbers increased to $200 of coverage for 60 days. And then TIAA decided to extend those improvements through 2021 to illustrate that properly supporting working parents shouldn’t just be a temporary thing.


With extensive access to virtual tutors and other academic support, childcare through Sittercity, and multiple forms of online healthcare, TIAA showed that it’s determined to adapt and make sure it continues to support its working parents in ways that actually make a difference in the world as it is today.