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The silicon chip and software development company Synopsys has been around Silicon Valley for decades. When it comes to the considerations that make a company a welcoming place for new dads, Synopsys made sure to create a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to address their needs beyond those of new parents in general.


For starters, Synopsys has completely gender-neutral parental leave policies and offers the same amount of time off and resources to parents who adopt as it would to any others. Dads who take parental leave get their full salary for the first four weeks and 75 percent of their salaries for the next eight weeks of leave — though that money comes in pre-tax everywhere but in California, making the drop less of a strain on their budgets.


That chunk of paid time off is exactly the same for dads and other non-birthing parents as it is for birth parents, acknowledging that it benefits everyone for dads to have the same amount of bonding time with their new kids as anyone else. (To wit, a study of limited paternity leave in California, researchers found that paternity leave had a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity, profitability/performance, turnover, and employee morale.)