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Salesforce, the software-as-a-service giant, has almost doubled its workforce since 2017. How did it entice some 50,000 employees in short order? Massive compensation opportunities are surely part of the draw, since the average employee makes $116,000 per year, but Salesforce also offers some of the best perks for new parents for any company of its size. 


The keystone to Salesforce’s generous leave policy is in the way it defines “primary caregivers.” The company is resolute in treating this loaded term with gender neutrality, meaning that the company doesn’t automatically assume the primary caregiver is mom. This has a trickle down effect on parenting policy, helping families to adopt, raise foster children, or afford expensive fertility or surrogacy procedures, no matter who the primary breadwinner is.


To add to this, the leave for both primary caregivers and  secondary caregivers is generous. Whoever that primary caregiver happens to be gets 26 weeks — more than any other company on the list offers — while secondary caregivers get 12 — and either get paid 80 percent of their normal earnings throughout which is particularly generous given just how long parents can step away from work.


Salesforce also offers childcare — onsite in some locations prior to the pandemic and paid reimbursements in others — to help parents take care of their kids when it is time to come back to work. Even though daycare got shut down, the company still has nurses and other forms of on-call healthcare and parenting resources as needed through its insurance.