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Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Reddit, the massive amalgam of online forums and communities works to create a strong sense of community among its staff as well. Reddit actively encourages its roughly 830 employees to step away, turn off their webcam, and adjust their schedules as need be. But for the times that they are around, Reddit hosts loads of online programs and offers virtual perks to make sure its parents are taken care of.


With access to Kinside provided by the company, new dads working at Reddit can access a variety of childcare benefits. On top of that, Reddit created a Day Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that gives any employee with dependents access to a $5,000 annual stipend that can go toward childcare, educational programs or tutors, home and school supplies, and the like.


Reddit doesn’t discriminate when it doles out parental leave for employees welcoming a new child into their families — moms and dads alike can take 16 weeks of paid time off, regardless of whether they or their partner are giving birth or adopting. Throughout the whole process, employees can get prenatal and postnatal coaching through Cleo, and they can also expense any costs associated with fertility, surrogacy, or adoption through Reddit as needed.


Reddit also goes above and beyond with its parental leave program by offering 8.5 weeks off of work to any employee who — whether it’s them or their partner — loses a pregnancy so that they can step back and take the time they need without having to explain the circumstances to their manager.