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Rackspace Technology is a leader in managed cloud services, a market category that didn’t exist until about 15 years ago. Innovation is Rackspace’s game, and this also translates to how it supports its 3,300 employees, particularly the parents on staff.


From a gender-neutral leave policy to an inclusive internal affinity group open to all parents and caregivers, there has been a real effort to ensure that dads at the company are treated as equal partners in parenting. Rackers also get other, more unusual forms of paid time off like 40 hours of volunteer time off that they can use to pitch in at their kid’s schools and two days of paid pet care time if they add a four-legged friend to the family.


“Nobody ever looks back on life and wishes they were at work more,” one Racker said. “Rackspace Technology gives plenty of time, both through maternity and paternity leave as well as with paid time off, that allows you to spend time with your children and enjoy the little moments in life before you blink and the months or years have passed.” Others raved about the culture of the company, one in which colleagues often check-in during parental leave, reinforcing that they care during an exciting but stressful time.