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It is fitting that Progyny, a benefits provider that makes high-quality fertility treatments financially accessible to employees of many companies on this list, “walks the walk,” earning its place on this list.


Now more than ever, companies provide their employees with important lifelines like prenatal and postnatal coaching to help them through the challenges leading up to and immediately after bringing a new child into the family. Progyny takes things a step further. Instead of focusing on birth parents, Progyny provides that same coaching — as well as access to onsite or telehealth therapy — to every new parent on its staff and their partners.


Beyond that Progyny takes important steps to specifically support fathers through parenting-focused employee groups and benefits to help make parenting a little bit less stressful, like providing childcare subsidies for the times new dads know they’ll need some help looking after their kids as well as backup childcare for the days they couldn’t plan for.