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PIMCO, the investment management firm with nearly $2 trillion in assets under management,  stands out for the ways it provides the new dads on its staff with personalized support and robust benefits meant to make working during parenthood as painless as possible.

For example, PIMCO created a New Parent Support Team that pairs up new dads with experienced parents working at PIMCO for one-on-one mentoring and coaching. The program serves as a fairly straightforward way to foster a company culture that hinges on mutual support, making it clear to working parents that they have tools at their disposal even beyond more formal benefits like telehealth or childcare. Speaking of, PIMCO covers ten days of backup childcare or eldercare each year, helping parents take care of the unexpected problems that are, well, expected.

PIMCO also hosts a wide variety of parenting events and programs over the course of a year. Many of these are educational workshops, but PIMCO Families, an employee resource group, also created a speaker series on a variety of topics ranging from managing life as a working parent to cybersecurity. The company also hosted roundtable discussions that gave parents a space to share tips or resources with their peers in a less formal medium than its mentorship program.