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Okta, the fast-growing identity management and cloud software company, boasts that nearly half of its executive team is made up of fathers with kids under the age of 18. The fact that Okta offers generous policies for the new dads who work there, then, shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Every new parent at the company can take up to 18 weeks of paid parental leave, well above the industry average, regardless of their gender and whether or not they’re the birth parent. That means that new dads get the time that they deserve to bond with their babies and help their families without needing to rush right back to work.


For dads who already have kids, Okta offers camps and other remote programs to keep everyone busy and entertained while they’re cooped up at home, helping make everything a little bit easier to manage and balance. Okta also provides mental wellness resources through Modern Health and Headspace.