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Silicon Valley chipmaker NVIDIA, best known for its industry-leading graphics processing units that help power video game interfaces, movie graphics, and more, offers a serious level up in benefits for new dads.


New fathers at NVIDIA can step away for 12 weeks of parental leave time — during which they still get 100 percent of their salaries. When that runs out, they can take another eight full weeks of flex time to help them reacclimate themselves to life at work instead of jumping right back in cold. That’s the exact same amount of parental leave that new moms get, though birth parents can also take another 10 weeks of pregnancy leave.


Once they’re back at work, NVIDIA gives new fathers access to parenting podcasts, articles, and other educational programs through a third-party vendor. Employees can join a group where parents and other caregivers share advice and resources. NVIDIA created Employee Resource Groups for all of the parents and caregivers on its team, and it plans to add more parenting seminars and workshops to specifically help dads juggle work with the new challenges and obligations of fatherhood soon.