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Nuance Communications, a tech company that’s known for its AI speech recognition and chatbot technology, provides a surprising level of support and competitive accommodations to the parents on its payroll.


The company provides 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents to bond with their kids. And as a bonus, the company lets parents spread and divide that time up over the course of a year. That’s a nice gesture because some parents might be ready to come back sooner than others, and this way they don’t have to sacrifice their time off if they decide to do so.


When parents do return, they’re gradually brought back into the fold through a ramp-up period that helps them readjust to the time and work expectations of their job over time.


Nuance Communications also provides access to back-up childcare and eldercare subsidies through, making sure that new parents have access to the support they need. Beyond that, employees have access to a childcare concierge and an employee resource group where they can find contacts, tips, and other resources that might come in handy.