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The financial services app Nav Technologies, Inc helps pair small business owners with things like loans, credit cards, and can pull credit reports. With just 120 employees in the United States, Nav Technologies is considerably smaller than most of the companies on this list but still offers comparable benefits capable of helping push the industry forward.


For instance, the company says that it actively decided to do away with outdated practices like automatically granting new dads fewer benefits or less parental leave than new mothers. Nav Technologies has a large LGBTQ+ community within its workforce, so it treats working parents as caregivers in general rather than making any assumptions about gender and how it might factor into family roles.


Nav Technologies takes its inclusive approach to parental benefits a step further, offering all the same perks to adoptive parents that it would birth parents or any other employee who’s adding a new child to their family. As for the benefits themselves, Nav Technologies makes sure it supports working parents no matter where they are in the world through telehealth coverage, access to a 24/7 medical helpline, and by forming an employee resource group so parents looking for support can connect and share their experiences and resources.