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The same forward-thinking vision that Maven Clinic brought to healthcare is also apparent in how the startup supports the dads on staff. The New York-based, women-focused telemedicine company offers 12 weeks of parental leave to all parents along with a readjustment period when it’s time to go back to work.


And once they are back on the job, new dads don’t feel alone. Maven offers assistance with many of the anxieties new parents face, from finding childcare to financial planning for their children’s future. But perhaps our favorite offering is the male caregiver affinity group that gives the dads on staff a chance to give and get valuable advice to and from their colleagues, part of a larger culture that acknowledges the realities of parenting.


“I never feel judged for blocking my calendar to pick my daughter up at school or attend her dance recital because I see so many of my peers and our leaders doing the same,” says one Maven employee.


And fittingly for a company whose mission is to make real medical advice accessible and affordable, it also provides access to virtual medical and mental health services to help ensure dads are getting the care they need regardless of any reticence they might have to visit a doctor’s office in-person.