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Mastercard, the financial services corporation, recently took stock of the benefits, programs, and other perks it offers employees and made a concerted effort to improve across the board. The company drastically improved its benefits and special perks on multiple occasions throughout 2020, especially in regards to programs for all the working parents who were stuck at home.


Mastercard doubled the parental leave it offered new dads from eight to 16 weeks in January 2020, a move that the company said was an important part of its mission to constantly evolve the ways it supports its staff. It seems to be paying off: Compared to other companies in the financial services industry, an above average amount of dads take full advantage of their parental leave at Mastercard.  


The company also provides childcare near its physical offices through Bright Horizons. But because so many Mastercard employees work from home nowadays, the company provides medical and mental healthcare services remotely along with backup care services and concierges to get employees connected with whatever other resources they might need.